Thursday, March 14, 2013

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                About College Applications

You have searched for colleges, and prepared for college, now you have to apply!

The Common Application serves students and institutions by providing a college application form (online and in print) that students may submit to over 400 schools, representing a full range of higher education institutions. Once you complete your college search and have your list of colleges ready, check to see if these colleges work with the Common Application. Note that even if a school uses the common application they may also require additional application materials, such as an additional essay topic of their choice, so read the application rules carefully. Once you have identified what the application requires, make a list compiled of the elements you will need to get for each application and their deadlines. Most schools will require 2-3 letters of recommendation, high school transcripts, your highest test score (ACT or SAT) and 1-3 original admissions essays.

Filling Out College Applications

Most schools will allow you to apply online which saves you having to worry about loose sheets of paper, white-out and messy handwriting! Online college applications will generally let you fill them out at your own pace, and come back as often as you like until they are complete, and for security your data is encrypted and your private account can be accessed by you.

If your school still accepts, or you choose to fill out a paper application, be especially wary of mailing before the deadline, and remember to print carefully and neatly.

>> Learn more about College Applications and how to complete them.

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